Destiny’s Child – Independent Women (Milion Edit)

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Milion is a 20 year old DJ that grew up in a small town near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. His passion for music started at a young age and so did his love for DJing. At the age of 14 he had his first gigs and also started producing. Through the years he improved his craft, and when he moved to the city of Rotterdam at age 18 he was ready to bring out his first tunes. Having always had a love for deep grooves and funky music, his own tracks can be described as groovy, rolling and deep with a lot of warm chords. In 2020 Milion had his first release on the well known label Whoyostro, was able to chart at number 10 in the top Minimal chart on Beatport and with many more releases to come on labels like Blind Vision, Distance Music and Airtime, this is definitely not the last thing we’ve heard of him.

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Quiet on day time QUITE LOUD at night! Why am I here? I've Been in love with music my whole life. Dj, producer and founder of Mista Studio.

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