Oden & Fatzo – Denver In The Sky

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Oden & Fatzo is a French electronic music squad performing only in live act. Having a very rich sound palette, their universe stands out with a mix of uptempo beat House, solar minimal, breakbeat electro and UK Garage. Mainly inspired by funk, jazz and hip hop, their project is full of different influences. These different influences which make the singularity of their project allowed them to sign on labels like Moscow Rec, Salty Nuts, Locus, Hoarder or Hedzup. Through their own label Saké Rec, they tell the story of their adventures in space through EPs with a strong story telling and visuals, allowing them to collaborate with talented French house artists (Herr Krank, Theos, Baccus…) but also to promote emerging talents close to their universe. After having scoured the biggest French nightclubs (Rex Club, Dehors Brut…) and many European countries, the 3 cosmonauts are again ready to fly to new horizons.

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Quiet on day time QUITE LOUD at night! Why am I here? I've Been in love with music my whole life. Dj, producer and founder of Mista Studio.

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