Block & Crown- If you need Some

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Here we come again with a really nasty groove’s track. Sometimes all we need is an infectious groove to open the dancefloor or just to get by working at the office.

If you need some really delivers that: 4×4 beat with a tight bassline and a fresh old style vocal sample. What else do we need ?

Block And Crown

Coming from The Netherlands and having experience in Music production and DJing, Block & crown has been working with Labels like Hed Kandi or Spinnin.

Jackin’ House for the modern dancefloor

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Quiet on day time QUITE LOUD at night! Why am I here? I've Been in love with music my whole life. Dj, producer and founder of Mista Studio.


  • Laura
    3 años ago Reply

    This is really amazing!

    • Mike Smythson
      3 años ago Reply

      Yesss , in love with da bassline!

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