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What defines House Music? What’ s the best House Music? Why is House Music so good?

Hi fam ! how are you all doing?

Did you see this questions on top? those are the most asked questions on the ‘net when talkin about House music. I was so curious about why people would ask these, I started doing what I do every evening; diggin’ a bit to try and discover my next to-spin-track. This is how I found GETTIN’ YOUR LOVE.

And this track is my answer to all of the questions above.


Created in 2010 this Independent Record Label based in Manchester has shown some of the freshest artists in the UK scene.

GEORGE IV is a newcomer to the scene, but he already sounds like a big artist. Conducta, DJ EZ, Foor are alredy supporting his take on the UK Garage Sound.

You can buy Gettin’ your love HERE.

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