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How are you doing fam?

So here we are again at one of my fav sections of the blog. I love bringing here for you this fantastic mixes and today what we are watching is Guy from Disclosure.

This is a mix they worked on for The Boiler Room people during the 2020 pandemic`s lockdown just right after they released their album ENERGY. A terrific compilation of songs that made them go straight to everyone’s playlist.

If by now you haven’t listened that, go check it. You won’t regret it. Much respect for Guy and Howard’s work.


0:00 MC Guru (Gang Starr) interview

0:35 Denden – Sugai Ken

4:00 Khotin – Water Soaked in Forever

6:50 Lis Sarroca – Meantime Town

11:40 S3A – Beginning

14:00 Tom Jay – Realise

18:00 ID (Andre 3000 interview with Rick Rubin vocal sample played on second deck)

24:00 Naux – Unfuckwithable (GDV ZOO EP)

28:25 Disclosure – Ecstasy

33:20 Disclosure & Fatoumata Diawara – Douha ‘Mali Mali’ (unreleased)

37:50 Virginia – Funkert

42:10 Mateo & Matos – Maw Basics (’94 Mix)


49:20 Lillo Thomas – Let Me Be Yours

54:00 Ssin – Take Me to that Place (unsigned)

58:00 James Blake – Modern Soul (Disclosure Remix, unreleased)

1:05:25 Ordinary People – Baby You Make My Heart Sing 1:09:00 Meccano Vol 1 – Pick Me Up

1:12:40 Kettama x Lone – The Way You Feel (unreleased)

1:16:20 Annunaku – Forgotten Tales

1:19:05 Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt – Tondo

1:24:00 Music From The Trees – Back To Basiks

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