Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz – Miss you

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Robin Schulz’s remix of “Miss You” takes Oliver Tree’s already powerful song to new heights, infusing it with a driving house beat and euphoric synths that will make it an instant dancefloor classic.

The remix begins with a pulsating bassline that sets a hypnotic groove, building gradually with layers of percussion and atmospheric pads and, as Tree’s vocals enter, Schulz’s production elevates the song to a new level of energy and emotion.

The remix maintains the rawness and sincerity of the original while adding a new dimension of excitement and euphoria. Schulz’s use of filtered and distorted synths adds a touch of retro nostalgia, while his expertly crafted drops and builds keep the listener engaged and captivated.

The remix is a masterclass in modern house production, with Schulz’s signature style shining through every element of the track.

Overall, Robin Schulz’s remix of “Miss You” is a triumph, showcasing his talent as a producer and his ability to elevate already great songs to new heights. The remix will appeal to fans of both Oliver Tree and house music, as it perfectly blends the two genres in a way that is both seamless and innovative. Whether you’re dancing in a club or driving downtown, Schulz’s remix is sure to get your heart racing and your feet moving.

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