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Just 14h ago Yogi P. released this stunning chilled Deep House Track, and I can’t help but bring it here for you all.

Yogi P is a UK based Minimal and Deep House producer and Dj. He aims to bring positive energy and vibes to dancefloors and Yoga studios all over the world.

Yes, you red that. Ross‘s been teaching Yoga for years in Goa Island and you can feel that in this Ellora EP; the subtlety, the minimalist sounds, the simple but groovy structure.

He broke into the scene last 2019 releasing music for labels like Rawsome Deep, Overdose Deep , Rich Got Jacked, LuvRhythm, Metafloor, Orange Records, Trove and Selecta & Surge Records.

Music, movement and breath is what brings us closer to who we really are and connects us to our inner self, gaining control over our emotions, reactions and ultimately, our lives.

Meet the modest superstars Agency

Chevry Agency is a booking Agency based in Paris. They’ re specialized in House and Techno acts and you can find in their roster artists like Deborah Aime La Bagarre, Vitess, Oden & Fatzo, Marwan Sabb among others.

Yogi P on the decks

They host a live show @Twitch called CHEVRYSHOW.

The Vryche Collective streams Jams, Live performances, Dj sets, talkshows and coaching conferences.

I really do dig their style, and I guess that’s what their audience loves too. Its very interesting how they manage to make you feel this closeness and special atmosphere, that makes you wish to be there with them.

His music’s been featured on BBC Radio One, joining a new wave of artists with support from the likes of Djoko, Jamie Jones, Sam Divine, Toman, Dimmish, Mehlor, Seb Zito, Solomun, GRECO (NYC) or Jizz, Artmann .

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