Dj deano DNA – energy rush

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Syncopated hi-hats, shuffled rythms, chopped up vocals; man, whats not to like about Uk Garage? I’m a big fan of this genre. I specially like it when it’s featuring a 2-step rythm, but also with a 4×4 like this House Music Track.

A UK Garage 4×4 type beat featuring a original vocal hook and atmospherique synth lines.

Dj Deano is BUMPIN UNDERGROUND RECORDS Label owner. Dj, Producer, Radio presenter…my UK Garage hero.

You can buy Energy Rush Here

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Quiet on day time QUITE LOUD at night! Why am I here? I've Been in love with music my whole life. Dj, producer and founder of Mista Studio.


  • Deano DNA
    3 años ago Reply

    Just see this… thank you guys

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